Lobos Australian Shepherds

Welcome to Lobo's Australian Shepherds, located in the beautiful mountains of Middle Tennessee near Sparta and Crossville. We strive to produce healthy puppies from quality dogs, and they always receive the best of care.  Raised with children, our puppies will make excellent family pets and companions.  Above all else, they will provide a lifetime of love and companionship for your family.  USDA has passed new regulations in September 2013 requiring puppy buyers to see the puppy in person before purchase.  We welcome visitors to our farm or will be glad to do a delivery service within 200 miles for a $125 fee to meet with you to receive your puppy.  Puppies shipped by airline and purchased "sight unseen" will need to be for working purposes, but we do prefer that these "working" puppies be family pets as well as they thrive in a family environment.

Australian Shepherds bred for  working, show potential,  intelligence, beauty and superior temperaments.


Discounts are given for purchasing two or more puppies, or for repeat customers that have already purchased a puppy from us.  Two puppies can be shipped together in the same crate for the same shipping fee as one puppy.


The puppies featured on this home page are puppies produced by us over the years.  To see current puppies available, go towards the bottom of navigation above and click on the litter pages to see pictures and prices of each puppy.